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Dock Ramp

By definition, a loading ramp is an inclined plane used to load and unload materials from a vehicle or container. Loading ramps are useful for getting heavy objects from a truck bed or trailer to the ground or vice versa. Ramps can be used inside warehouses or outside in shipping or train yards


Benefits of the Cyt-Ramp include:

  • Anti-Slip Surface. The full length of the deck has Anti-Slip Surface, offering superior traction for safer operation.
  • Built-In Side Rails. …
  • Hinged Tail Plate. …
  • 10 Foot Level-Off Section. …
  • Hinged Lip Plate. …

1. Adopting the entire axis to connect the lip plate to the platform, which is high strength and reliability.

2. Imported seals and the hydraulic cylinder can ensure the hydraulic system to keep an excellent sealing property.

3. High strength U shape bridge design can ensure longtime high loading without deformation.

4. The antiskid checkered steel plate design endows the platform with the excellent antiskid property.

5. Equipped with a supporting bar can ensure the safety of the maintenance man when he goes into the yard ramp.

6. Electric operation is extremely simple and safe for the operator. when the loose-leaf plate is on the vehicle, just press the button, the adjusting plate will automatically rise; loosen the button, adjusting plate will descend by the own weight.



Model Load(T) Working height Working grade Dimensions Power
CYT-6 6 1.1-1.7m ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
CYT-8 8 1.1-1.7m ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
CYT-10 10 1.1-1.7m ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
CYT-12 12 1.1-1.7m ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive
CYT-15 15 1.1-1.7m ≤13° 11.2*2*1.1m Manual or electric drive

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