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Hydraulic Home Elevator Lift

CYT Home Elevator Lift owns the current most advanced technology in the world. It can be installed directly into the ground, no foundation pit is required, the footprint is small. Made of high-end aluminum, covered with static blasting panels, uneasy to rust when placed outdoors, easy to disassemble and assemble.

According to customer needs, the frame and glass protection is added, which is safe and beautiful. It is widely used to lift people between different floors of the home, villa, hospital, bank, etc.

On the basis of the original home environment, we introduce green energy-saving and environmental protection ideas, perfectly merges elevator with the home decoration. It is the best choice for you to purchase home elevator lift.


Home Elevator Lift Details

Home Elevator Lift Features

  • Custom platform size, load capacity, lifting height, etc.
  • Anti-falling Device: if the chain is broken, the platform can be blocked immediately within 0.02s to prevent further decline
  • Leaf Chains: Leaf chains could bear 10 times load than the rated load 
  • Limit Switch: Setting the lifting height and working as key part of the interlocking system
  • Safety Sensor: If there are people or objects at the platform bottom, the Platform cannot lower

Different Forms of Home Elevator Lift

(Unenclosed Lift)

(Enclosure Lift)

(Shaftway Lift)

Home Elevator Lift Application

Home Elevator Lift Speicification

Items Specification
Max. Platform Height Up to 15m
Load Capacity 100~1000kg
Machine Size(mm) customized
Packing Size(mm) customized
Platform size customized
Min Platform height 60mm
Speed 0.06~0.1m/s
Control voltage 24V/DC
Power Output 1.1~2.2KW
Voltage As per your local Standard(single phase or three phase)
Drive System Hydraulic pump station and electric motor
Control Mode Automatic travel switch
Drive Control Self-resetting system
Overload Over current relay protection
Materials Aluminium rails and guard with spraying plastics.
Working Condition Both indoors and outdoors -20°~70°C
Entrance-Exit Way It’s customized 90°or 180°
Installation 1 No pit installing,easy to install and remove
Installation 2 <3.0m,installed directly on the floor. >3.0m, installed both on the floor and on the wall.
Switches 1 One control panel on the platform
Switches 1 Install two column switches on ground, which can be fixed at any floor needed.
Switches 1 Remote control, user can operate lift within 20m.

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