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Mobile Scissor Lift


The mobile scissor lift is especially for man aerial working. It can be moved by manual or DC power assistant walking to save man labor. Lifting power: AC, DC or dual power. It is popular with indoor and outdoor cleaning, maintenance, installation and so on.

All the parts we use are first-class quality and well-known brands. The parts are a standard model with item code, which are very convenient to be replaced. Delivery is also fast for parts.

Optional hydraulic motor and electric motor is available for customer’s need. Color can be painted as customer’s preference.



Scissor lifts are work platforms used to safely move workers vertically and to different locations in a variety of industries including construction, retail, entertainment and manufacturing.

Before we mention about the safety, first we should know which equipments were used before the invention of scissor lifts; step ladders and scaffolding. However, those traditional fixtures could not provide enough support and reliability after a certain height and those who work with scaffolds and ladders should make an extra effort to build these towers accordingly safety measures and If they neglect to implement these measures, unfortunately, they will risk their lives as well as others, on the other hand, scissor lifts provide a strong and reliable foundation for workers to perform their professional duties when used according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


Scissor lifts are moved easily and safely from one place to another without hassle . This will help reduce in physicall effort and fatigue of the workers who operate them and instantly will save time. As a result of that, they will have more energy and time for complete their daily operational tasks.


There are sevaral types of scissor lifts for specific jobs, such as electric powered scissor lifts are best known for indoor usage while diesel powered scissor platforms are great for outdoor usage and rough terrains also there are endless possibilities when it comes to size ( wide, narrow, light weight….etc) and height to end users .

Compact Design

If you have a limited space in your warehouse or storage and your job requires you to working at height, scissor lifts are an excellent solution for you since they have designed to fully retracted and take up very little space .

Simplicity of Transfer

You do not need to worry about mantling and dismantling of the machine so that you can easily transfer scissor lifts with tow trucks. This will save your time and energy for other tasks.

Varied Power Option

Numerous scissor lifts use different types of power in order to operate. Some rely on mechanical power. Others use ultra-smooth hydraulics or pneumatic power instead. Scissor lifts also come in a variety of different sizes and types, making them a great fit for a wide range of different settings.


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