underground garage car lift
underground garage car lift
underground garage car lift
underground garage car lift
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Scissor Car Lift

Car lift with hydraulic scissors developed by CYT is an innovative solution combining convenience, safety, and aesthetics to access your car park in the basement. It is suitable for private homes, public buildings, offices, or hotels as it can allow the user to remain in the vehicle. This bespoke parking solution replaces an access ramp and can be fully adapted to your needs and your project’s challenges

Underground Scissor Car Lift Safety Devices

▶Explosion-proof valves: Protect hydraulic pipe, anti-hydraulic pipe rupture.
▶Spillover valve: It can prevent high pressure when the machine moves up. Adjust the pressure.
▶Emergency decline valve: It can go down when you meet an emergency or the power off.
▶Overload protection locking device: In case of dangerous overload.
▶Anti-dropping device: Prevent falling of platform.
▶Automatic aluminum safety sensor: Lift platform will stop automatically when comes across barriers.

Scissor Car Lift Details

  • 1.Q345 manganese steel support rod. Stable and strong.
  • 2.Strong structure. Small size、water and oil resistant. Double way switches double spring inner switch variety of levels.
  • 3.Good operation and performance.
  • 4.Safety trip bar will stop the lowering on touching man or objects, which can prevent the platform from falling down on people or causing accidents.
  • 5.Checkered steel plate for the table board, which could prevent goods from slipping down.
  • 6.High-quality material. Standing firm. High-strength rubber, black and yellow eye-catching color strong warning.
  • 7.International famous brand hydraulic cylinder. Variable speed control automatic protection and positioning benefits.Swath working performance.
  • 8.Highly efficient working pressure well. Reliable performance and no leaks.
  • 9.Emeryency stop wireless remote control. It is easy to operate and control
  • 10.IP65 grade with good performance long working life.

Scissor Car Lift Application


Model Load capacity Platform size Travel hight Min height Power
GJ03-03 3000kg 5000*2500mm 3000mm 650mm 5.5kw
GJ03-04 3000kg 5000*2500mm 4000mm 800mm 5.5kw
GJ03-06 3000kg 5000*2500mm 6000mm 800mm 7.5kw
GJ05-03 5000kg 6500*2800mm 3000mm 650mm 7.5kw
GJ05-05 5000kg 6500*2800mm 4000mm 650mm 7.5kw
Scissor Car Lift is customizable in loading capacity, platform size and travel height.

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